Fund Categories

Special Funds have been established to assist youth in particular fields, many are listed below. If you are interested in establishing a fund, please contact the FNQYAF office on (07 4051 6590) or via email and a member of the management committee will be happy to have a confidential discussion.

Accounting, Commerce & Business

  • Keith Goodwin Memorial Fund
  • George Welch Memorial Fund

Creative, Music & Performing Arts Scholarships

  • Jacquline Louise Tong Memorial Fund
  • Xavier Herbert Memorial Fund
  • The Hon. Stanley Jones QC AO Testimonial Fund
  • The Hon. Keith De Lacy Testimonial Fund
  • Wilma Mason Performing Arts Fund: Cairns & District Junior Eisteddfod Participants
  • Olive Vlasoff Memorial Fund: Dance
  • Cairns Ballet & Dance Scholarship: Winner of the Cairns & District Eisteddfod

Disadvantaged Special Children

  • Gordon Earl MBE Memorial Fund: To assist youth with a disability with University or Equipment
  • Charles & Philippa Woodward Fund: To assist youth and children who are affected by cancer

Education - Primary & Secondary

  • Michael & Thelma Bryan Testimonial Fund

Hospitality / Tourism Industry

  • Ronald E Davis AM Testimonial Fund
  • TNQ Tourism Youth Assistance Fund


  • Laurie Farrelly OAM Memorial Fund
  • Norman Brown Memorial Fund
  • Terry Newman OAM Youth Assistance Fund

Marine Science

  • Vincent Vlasoff MBE Memorial Fund
  • Blake Hayles Fund

Medicine, Pharmacy & Nursing

  • Peter G. Cominos O.A.M Past Presidents Fund
  • Dr Graham Cossins Testimonial Fund
  • Dr Alf Ottone Memorial Fund


  • Alan Hudson Testimonial Fund
  • Arthur Keller MBE Memorial Fund: Gymnastics or Track & Field
  • Jack Seary Memorial Fund
  • John P Cleland Memorial Fund: Junior Cricket & Performing Arts
  • Kevin Crathern Memorial Fund: AFL
  • Lionel Williamson Testimonial Fund: Track & Field or Rugby League
  • Max Gorman Memorial Fund

STEM Studies

  • Runnaboard Fund: Russel Board & Narelle Ivers

Community Projects

  • Community Crisis Fund
  • Project Booyah

General Purpose Funds

  • Arthur Leinster Fund
  • Bill Mills Fund
  • Cairns Regional Council Fund
  • Cairns Trinity Rotary Club Fund
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Fund
  • Colin Guy Fund
  • Don Watson Fund: Mossman
  • Frank Rick Fund: Mission Beach
  • George Chapman Fund
  • George Watkins Fund
  • Graham Luxton Fund
  • Herb Layt Fund
  • Horrie Kennedy Fund
  • Howard Kennedy: Babinda
  • Ivan Wilkinson Fund: Atherton Tablelands
  • Jack Keily Fund
  • James Patrick (Tip) Byrne Fund
  • Jim Nimmo Memorial Fund
  • Joe Camuglia Fund: Innisfail
  • John Anich Fund: Mossman
  • The Kamsler Families Fund: Torres Strait
  • Ken & Erica Harris Fund
  • Loftus & Jane Harris Fund
  • Martin Tenni Fund: Barron River
  • Mick Borzi Fund: Mareeba
  • Oralene Glendinning Fund
  • Pat Turner Fund: Tully
  • Percy Koppen Fund
  • Peggy Watson Fund: Mossman
  • Ray Jones Fund
  • Robert Rossi Fund: Gordonvale
  • Ron Ireland Past Presidents Fund
  • Sam Galeano Bursary Fund: Tully
  • Sid Faithfull Testimonial Fund
  • Simon De Luca Bursary Fund: Tully
  • Simon De Luca Scholarship Fund: Tully
  • Stan Collins Fund – Rural Regions
  • Stan Mackay Scholarship Fund: Tully
  • Stan Mackay Youth Assistance Fund: Tully
  • Ted Elliott Fund
  • Terry Boland Fund
  • Tom Pyne Fund

The FNQ Youth Assistance Fund has truly changed my life and opened opportunities to study that may not have been available beforehand. Since my Father passed away my family always struggled with financial matters. My mother had to provide for her 6 children - all at different stages in their education journey; my stage of the education journey had me moving away from home to study Medicine at James Cook University, Townsville. This would not have been a reality if I had not been graced with receiving the generous financial aid over my university years from the FNQ Youth Assistance Fund. Jason-Van Nguyen - Silkwood

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